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Alpaca Goes Out For The Evening

The snappy bow tie fails the lady.

“Nope.Not You…. Hello There Gorgeous!”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/MKdorw9.


Cat And Dog Share A Tender Moment


“Mom told us to be nice.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/WO38ZXd.

Hound Dog Captivated By Kitten

Just want to touch the kitten.

Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/t/aww/PEUSKn2.

Kittens Come Out To Play

Easy entertainment.

“So much gravity.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/4H7l8kp.

Cocker Takes Cover And Departs Peacefully

A gentle paw placed carefully and the eyes that closed one last time.

“My Cocker Spaniel that recently passed. I thought it was so cute how she had fallen asleep. Miss her.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/CykYSdX.

Chick Tries To Coax Fellow Chick Out To Play

Hen keeps her chick inside today.

“come out and play!”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/CZ0JTqy.

Kitten Seeks Attention From Cat

That’s one way of getting attention.

“Sneaky attac da chonk !”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/3H4aeL7.