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Palin Moose Power

“Governor Sarah Palin”
Image courtesy of http://www.newyorkobserver.com/2008/style/morning-memo-larry-flynt-interprets-sarah-palin-details-nikki-blonskys-airport-brawl-harv.

Low and behold.  The presidential race with the fabulous Sarah Palin’s touch, continues to flumox Barack Obama.  Sure, he may have been campaigning for office for the last 2 years.  Some might say, he has been running for this office for the last 20 years, what with all that lack of a typical politician’s paper trail, major legislative accomplishments, and experience actually running/governing a constituency (not part time state senate work, and not “full time” U.S. senate work that has been overtaken by running for president instead).  Continue reading