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Following the Masses

Judgment and responsibility should always be exercised.

“Thought for the day.  Be careful when you follow the masses.  Sometimes the M is silent.”
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Dog And Deer Buddies

The responsibility of looking out for youngsters transcends species.

“Can’t Chase The Ball Right Now, Have A Friend To Hold.”
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Fireman Rescues Kitten

Fireman happily poses with kitty under the street.

“Saved This Little Guy.”
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Dogs In Mourning Over Fellow Dogs

Love your animals. Protect them. Love them. Take care of them. Save a life and rescue whenever you can. You both will be enriched infinitely.  And others may be spared the agony of seeing their breathren pass.

Dogs Crying Over Dead Friends 🐶😭 [TNT Channel]

February 25, 2017

Troublemaker Gets Burned

Don’t play with fire.

“BIGBANG – ”BOOM SHAKALAKA.  Robbery fail at it’s best.”
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Helping Homeless Dogs By Recycling Bottles

Win-Win incentive.

“This vending machine in Istanbul dispenses dog food for homeless dogs when people put bottles in for recycling.”
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Wikileaks Track Record


“Truth, however inconvenient, unwanted or denied, is irrefutable. It is no wonder those exposed by it wish it silenced.  In their entire history Wikileaks has not had to retarct one single sory as fake news.  They have won every court case that challenged their info.  Every single one.  No other popular media network can truthfully make the same claim.”
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