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Cat Safety Zone

Cordoning off the safety zone from the leisure activity .

“Safety first.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/ps0VUeY.


Car Disappears In Explosion

Special effects.

“How not to torch a car.”
Image courtesy ofhttps://imgur.com/gallery/8hJvq.

Treasure Hunt In A Tire

Nails are not the only objects that like to find themselves in tires.  Always check the tire for that trusty, shiny wrench missing from the tool box.

“Found it.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/Afzhb8Y.


Oversize Beam Load Flips On Highway

Hitting shoulder highway barriers can be treacherous.

“This doesn’t get better…”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/fevkLR7.

Flying Automobile

Beware at all times while driving.

“Dash cam shenanigans.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/T1YbrL6.


Twin Tornadoes Born In Nebraska

Twins-ies in 2014.

“Insane Twin Tornadoes in Nebraska.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/Kx7o8yL.

See the You Tube video here.


Natural Gas Leak Turns Into Explosion

Be wary of natural gas leaks.

“House explosion from natural gas leak in Stafford Township, NJ today.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/Lr3DsU6.