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Premium Boneless Bananas

Everyday low price 47 cents per pound.

“premium boneless banana.”
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Gas Mask Gear For The Bathroom

Special needs call for special gear.

“Finally prepared.  When you finally prepared to enter the toilet after your dad.”
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Monty Python Biggus Dickus Scene

Monty Python acting and humor at it’s best in The Life Of Brian.

Biggus Dickus – Monty Python, Life of Brian.

September 18, 2012

Taking Down The Gas Pump


“May Have Forgotten Something.”
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Lynx Communication

Sounds real neighborly.

“Two Lynx In Ontario Have Intense Conversation.”
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Dental Knuckles

Simulate animal bites when landing a strike with this fine accessory for your hands.

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Liquor Store Parking Lot Woes

Drunken poles thwart enthusiastic vehicles.

“the parking in front of the liquor store … 2.”
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