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Honda Hands Highlights 65 Years Of Engineering


Honda “Hands” film celebrates the curiosity of Honda engineers, which has led to some of the most successful Honda innovations over the past 65 years.

Honda “Hands”


July  3, 2013

Lamenting A Princess Phone Delight

Ahhh.  One of the joys sorely missed from having a princess phone.

“Especially When You Miss and Hit Speakerphone.  I miss being able to slam my phone down when I hang up on someone.  Violently pressing “end call” just doesn’t do it for me!”
Image courtesy of http://cheezburger.com/7622931968.

IT Expertise Exposed

Alas, we come to find out some IT folks come up with solutions.

Confessions…  As an IT person, I rarely know how to fix your issue…  I’m just better at Google than you are.”
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USB Toy Wildly Engages Port

USB devices.  Now they come as dogs that mount and go, or humans that can rapidly do sit-ups.  Or is that what they are doing???

Japanese Toy Fail

October 19, 2010

Communication Pre Blackberry

Technology of the 1960’s television shows.

John Steed and Emma Peel would not have had issue, however.

I’m Sorry, I Use an iPhone, I Don’t Understand.  Blackberry – The early days.  People loved the clear screen, handy keyboard and handset, but without cell service or apps it was doomed to be a stage prop for the Avengers.”
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Recalcitrant Tab Seals

Peeling off tab seals can be a challenge.  This might apply to some containers, but have you ever tried doing it with a gallon of milk?

“These Are the Worst.  How to open one of these.
Step 1:  Pull on tab.
Step 2:  accidentally rip tab off without breaking the seal.
Step 3:  Plunge your finger in seal with rage.”
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Slow Motion Firecrackers

Slow motion adds a new dimension to things we otherwise miss.

Fire Cracker Explosions – Slow Motion

May 11, 2010