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Kitty Gets A Drink From The Faucet

Feline thirst rules.


“i really want some water.”
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Cat Splay At Meal

Comfort during meal time.

“no one will ever be able to explain cat logic to me.”
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Tips To Make Pretty Bread

Weave away.

7 Nifty Tricks With Bread Dough – #5 Will Remind You Of The Stars

June 09, 2019

Some Benefits Of Hibiscus Tea

Make it ice cold on a hot day or toasty warm on a cold day.

Drink A Glass Of Hibiscus Tea For 7 Days, THIS Will Happen To Your Body!

December 11, 2018

Teapot Target Practice

Target trick hits the spot.

“So I’ve been using teapots incorrectly my whole life.”
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Alaskan Cat Mayor Sips Catnip

Catnip-flavored water for an honorable civil servant.

“A cat has been the mayor of a town in Alaska for over 15 years. His name is Mr. Stubbs and every afternoon, he goes to a nearby restaurant and drinks water out of a wineglass laden with catnip..”
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Premium Boneless Bananas

Everyday low price 47 cents per pound.

“premium boneless banana.”
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