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Paw Prints On The Turnovers

Cat personalized paw mark.

“knows he is in trouble.”
Image courtesy of “http://www.dailyhaha.com/_pics/knows-he-is-in-trouble.htm.


Ramen Noodle Soup For Down And Out

It’s what’s for dinner for some.

“The Next Step in Marketing is naming your Product after your Targeted Consumers.  Wasted and broke ramen noodle soup.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/aLCNDxu.

Kitten Drinks From A Bottle

Yummy said the kitty.

“Kitten drinks from a baby bottle.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/rmsukUa.

Finish Your Plate Or Else

Cat conundrum.

“When you don’t finish your plate.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/JpulC5a.


Celery Seeds And The Cat

Something in the celery seeds is really enticing.

Apparently cats love celery seed!

August 21, 2015


Chinese Noodles Splash

Chinese chef and dough take a beating.

“Chinese noodles.”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/QAxJBHL.

Snake Pretzel

Snake predators meet their match.  Click image to analyze in super size.

“I hate snakes…  King cobra bites python. Python constricts cobra. Cobra dies of constriction. Python dies from venom. 100% holy shit..”
Image courtesy of https://imgur.com/gallery/4vbgzBj.