Dog Adopts Cat

Dog and kitten camouflage.

“All according to plan.¬† Day 11: The humans still don;t know I adopted a cat.”
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Forging A Spring

Curl Away!

“The birth of a spring.”
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Lioness Wants A Hug

Lioness seeks affection from buddy.

“Kitty needs a hug!
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Dog Feeds Rabbits On The Farm

Canine responsibility.

“Good boy feeding the farm animals!.”
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Making Globes The Old Fashioned Way In 1955


Globe Making: How the World is Made (1955) | British Pathé

April 13, 2014

Baby Kangaroo Learns How To Jump Into Pouch


“Joey still working on his pouch entry .”
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Kitten Making Friends With Kitten

I wanna hug you!

“I love you.”
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