Canine Shovel Toy

Sometimes, the best toys are the random objects just lying around waiting for a playmate.

“Dog plays with shovel.”
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Stick Shift Driver Alert

Considerate are those who give notice to their fellow drivers on standard transmission lessons still in progress.

“Good guy amateur stick driver.  Learning stick shift.  Keep your distance please.  Still scary.”
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Unicycle Toilet Paper Rider

Unicycle rider is sure to dispense a lot of toilet paper to keep the audience entertained.

“He moves when you pull on the roll of TP.”
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Cactus Cupcake If You Dare

Spineless delights!

“Cactus Cupcakes.”
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Embryo Ultrasound Prank

This baby decided to prank anyone peeking in on him.

“Oookay, I think they’re having Satan…..  It’s a boy.”
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The Running Of The Goats

Goats enjoy a jog around the barn.

Nightly Goat Jog! Just keep running, running, running!

June 08, 2014

Cabinet Dump

Searching for something in the cabinets was never easier than now.

“Bad Morning.”
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