Alpaca Goes Out For The Evening

The snappy bow tie fails the lady.

“Nope.Not You…. Hello There Gorgeous!”
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Cat And Dog Share A Tender Moment


“Mom told us to be nice.”
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Chicken Goes Apple Picking


“Chicken picking an apple.”
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Hound Dog Captivated By Kitten

Just want to touch the kitten.

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Unexpected Static Electricity Discharge

Loading the truck can yield an unexpected lesson in science.

“Static electricity discharges as the guy touches down on the metal floor.”
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Kittens Come Out To Play

Easy entertainment.

“So much gravity.”
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Cocker Takes Cover And Departs Peacefully

A gentle paw placed carefully and the eyes that closed one last time.

“My Cocker Spaniel that recently passed. I thought it was so cute how she had fallen asleep. Miss her.”
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