Corn Silo Home

Repurpose on a big scale.

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“Wicked use of an old corn silo.”
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Sun Weathers Face Over The Years

Chronic sun exposure damage.

“Sun damage after 28 years of driving a delivery truck.”
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Riding Shotgun Has Its Moments

Maybe they are just about ready to go airborne. Or maybe he finally let her drive. Or both.

“That frozen look of fear while driving with a woman…”
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Father Surprises Son At Train Crossing

“That’s Daddy!”

“Kid realizes his dad is driving the train.”
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Helping Homeless Dogs By Recycling Bottles

Win-Win incentive.

“This vending machine in Istanbul dispenses dog food for homeless dogs when people put bottles in for recycling.”
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Bird Rub Joy

Little bird enjoys human affection.

“Aww, yiss!.”
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Dog And Deer Hug

Affection in nature for the willing.

“My dog and his baby dear.”
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