Tree Mover

Dutchman Industries and their incredible tree spade

100″ Tree Spade(s) for Chase Farms

January 25, 2012


Playful Scottish Terrier Puppies


Scottish Terrier Puppies at Four Weeks – and Pepper

June 15, 2010

Honey Qualities Come From What Bees Eat

Turning food waste into something novel.

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“Bees eating waste sugar from a nearby M&M factory started producing blue honey.”
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Honey Benefits

Bees and their natural phenomenal production.

Tasty and never spoils.  Although it can dry out with time.

Why Doesn’t Honey Spoil? – The Chemistry of Honey.  Compound Interest.

See more great things about honey here.

“Heeeeyyy honey!!!.”
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Love Trumps Hate And Fighting

Spreading love makes for sheer joy where there was once abuse.

This Pit Bull was rescued from a dog fighting operation and is being visited at the shelter by a woman, who wants to see how he will respond to her attention. She speaks gently to him which prompts the dog to moan in response. And when she extends her hand through the bars? His reaction is not to be missed…

Pit Bull Rescued From Dog Fighting Shown Love For The Very First Time

October 2, 2015

Birds In Love

Love story unfolds.

Fleischer cartoon Color Classic Hawaiian Birds 1936)(old cartoons vintage public domain)

July 17, 2013

Running Into Beauty

Bursting into sharp reality.

“When you run into the most beautiful person ever.”
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