Cat And Dog Enjoy A Jacuzzi

Spa jet tub for special pets.

“Doggy and kitty spa.”
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Honey Pot Ant Belly

Ant sweet obesity.

“This ant’s abdomen is hugely swollen with nectar. Honey pot ants serve as living larders for the ant colony. They are so valuable that raider ants from other colonies will try to steal them for their food stores. Australian aboriginal people consider thes.”
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Greta Giza Pyramids View

Stunning, but climbing a historical monument to obtain the image shows questionable judgment.

“Illegally taken picture from one of the Greta Giza Pyramids.”
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Moving A Tired Child

Gentle now.

“She’s just really tired.”
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Mystery Of The Socks Solved

Snow can hide things only so long.

“Now that the snow is melting I’ve finally figured out where all my socks have gone.”
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Jumping A Fence Can Be Dangerous


“Jumping a fence gone wrong.”
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Purse Snatcher Gets Justice

An irresponsible person turns into a purse snatcher and gets his just reward.

“Purse snatcher + instant justice = something glorious.”
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