Rubber Neck Skin

If this man can stretch his neck skin this much,what else can be stretched as much?

“Neck skin over face.”
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Dryer Releases Pillow From Bondage

Alas, free packing material for your next package.

“Why my wife put her fancy, soft, pillow to wash I’ll never know.”
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Body Contact At The Fruit Stand

Expeditious grocery store cashiers would help minimize the lines that contribute to resting along the fresh food aisle.

“Why you should always wash your fruit from the store.”
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Porcine Escapes Trip To Market

Run for your life!

“Pig escapes trailer.”
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Windshield Wiper In The Car Wash

Automatic squeegee over the security camera windshield enables surveillance in the carwash rain or shine.

“The camera in the car wash has a tiny windshield wiper.”
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Dexterous Dish Washer

Making work look easy.

“How To Wash Dishes”
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Rubbernecking At The Sink

The fine art of the coif requires many more accoutrements, than the basic task of hand washing.

“Living with a woman: Day 15. I just want to wash my hands. Which one is the hand soap?”
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