Truck Collision On Icy Road

Flying truck contents in a flash.  Drive safely and never witness something like this personally.

“Truck crash.”
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Testing Water Fountain Electric Supply

Shock-less result.  So far.


“Shocking water fountain placement.”
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Perennial Toilet Seat Dilemma

Put it back down or incur the wrath.

“Living In A House With Women Has Rules You Know.  You left the toilet seat up!”
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Fire Tornado With Fans

Cylindrical fire in slow motion.  Start at 1:22.

Fire Tornado in Slow Motion 4K – The Slow Mo Guys

November 22, 2015

Professional Stunts On Oradea Chimney

Unicycle, juggling, playing, exploring.  Not for the acrophobic.

Unicycle on huge chimney in Targu Jiu

August 24, 2016

Giant Prehistoric Mosquito

Transfusion likely necessary for the unlucky one who became anemic after voluminous mosquito feast.

Prehistoric-mosquito: I present you: a prehistoric mosquito.”
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Skeletons Crawl Up House

Limber skeletons do it with ease.

“This is Tremendous.”
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