Night Moon Over Ocean


“The moon kissing the ocean.
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Motorcycle Spark Plug Repairman

Beware the helpers.

 “How to check the ignition spark.”
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Parrot Tries To Take Sip Of Water

Dip and drop.

“I’m gonna have a sip of her water before she notices it!”
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Fox Plays With Ball On Course

Play time!

“I installed the cuteness plug-in in Firefox.”
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Tipsy Roadrunner

Happy, happy!

“This little Road Runner had one too many drinks.”
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Fish That Throw Dirt

At least the dirt washes off right away.

“Antagonistic fish.”
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Heckle and Jeckle Work The Bullfight

The feisty bull is no match for the clever magpies.  Ole!

Heckle and Jeckle Bulldozing the Bull (Original Version)

Jun3 28, 2013