Rescued Donkey And Dog Hang Out Together

Donkey and dog enjoy each other’s company at Lilly and Yoda’s Funny Farm.

Much, much more at the wonderful animal sanctuary Pair A Dice Ranch.

Yoda is a dog.  Lilly is a donkey.  And here is the story of Lily and Yoda.

“Odd couple.”
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Kids Splash Off The Slide

Father’s who set their kids up for a fail.

“Watch out for muddy puddles.”
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Dog Laments Missing Dog Pal

Animals grieve a loss too.

My dog died almost a year ago and he seen the picture of her and recognized her.  He misses his sister just as much as we miss her.

“Missed friends. ”
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Slow Go Road Rage Averted


“Road Rage.
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Muscle Man Gets Schooled By Regular Man


“Watch this guy break his foot.”
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Dog Loves Baby Too

Love and affection transcends species.

“I also want to love him.”
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Kids Play On The Snake In The Jungle

Joy ride in the jungle.

“It’s so good see kids playing without smartphones.”
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