Hairy Toilet Paper

Hair on toilet paper; undesirable.  Huge lock of hair on toilet paper; disturbing,

“My sister recently cut off about a foot of hair. She knows it creeps me out, shampoos it regularly, and places it around the house.”
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Pineapple Heart

Pineapple goodness just a few slices away.

“What a excellent way to cut a pineapple.” [sic]
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Spray Can Surprise

Marble collection in the making.

“The ball in spray paint cans is actually a marble, am I the only one who thought it was metal?”
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Wrench In A Tire

Imagine the clunking sound every time the wrench strikes the road.

“this will put a wrench in your day…”
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Tire Hernia

Refrain from straining.

“She’s about to blow!”
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Making Macaroni At The Factory

Mr. Rogers takes us on a trip to the macaroni factory.

Mr. Rogers Shows How Macaroni Is Made

May 13, 2015

Puppy Hanging From Leash Survives Owner Carelessness

NEVER leave a pet unattended on a leash where they can accidentally hurt themselves.  Thank goodness help was close by for this poor little dog.  It’s a life!

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“Pet Safety.”
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