Dog Leaps Over River To Fetch Stick

One dog has the wherewithal to actually make it al the way across.  But did he make it back over?

“Dog jumps over river while fetching stick.”
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Choose The Restaurant


“I’m Not Picky.  Where do you want to eat?  Knows exactly.  I don’t care.”
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Baby Sustains Paternal Cell Phone Hit

Baby barely moves arm to chest strike.

“phone dropped on newborn baby by his father.”
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Friends Pee On Electric Fence

Wetness and electricity do not mix well.  Exercise prudent judgment in selecting the best place to void.

“Don’t Whiz On The Electric Fence.”
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Stage Fright In The Mens Room

A little hesitancy when someone is watching.  16 seconds before a stream and a smile.

LG IPS display Hot Girls Bathroom prank (video) Stage Fright

April 19, 2013

Toilet Seat Prank

Harmless.  Except if multiple poppers are taped into position, instead of just a few.

ryaden popper prank

April 26, 2012

Pool Toilet Rule

No diving in the bathroom.

“Got a new job at a pool company, this is the bathroom.”
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