Trampoline Jump Gone Awry

Danger lurks from acrobatics off a trampoline.

“Gravity is a harsh mistress.”
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Static Cats

Getting used to static balloons that just won’t go away.

“Static Cat”
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*”Static cat.”
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Elevator Malfunction

Watch your step.  At all times.

“Annnnnd here’s my actual worst nightmare in reality .”
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Kitten Crawls For Attention

Vertically unchallenged, this kitty seeks attention.

“”If you won’t put that thing down, then I’m COMING UP THERE!”.”
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Police Riot Control Vehicle

Mobile little fortress.

Antifa’s worst nightmare

March 21, 2017

Cat Does High Fives

Just having a good time.

“When your cat helps you score a date.”
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Toad Catches Video Ants

Not as tasty as the real things, but fun to play.

“He toad-ally got the high score”
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