Land Slides Down

When the land gives way.

Massive landslide in Japan

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Bee Rescue


Sweet hydration.  When a flower isn’t close enough by.

“Found a little bee struggling to stay alive so gave him some sugar water =]”
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Pillowcase Nap Haven

Be careful where you rest your head.  Pet kitty found a  cozy sleeping spot with the pillow.

“I came home to find my cat using my pillowcase as a sleeping bag..”
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Pony Sneeze

Some sneezes are more powerful than others.

“Baby horse knocks himself over by his own sneeze.”
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Race To The Bath

Like horses out of the gate at a race, these little dogs are in a race to the bathtub.

“It’s bath time? omg!omg!omg!omg!omg!omg!.”
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Avocado Designs

Pit carving.

“When I eat avocado, I keep the pit…”
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New York City 1970s Flashback

A look back in time at the Big Apple.

New York City back in the 70’s

October 9, 2012