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Flawed Obama Analysis On Tonsillectomies And Amputations

Look what happens when responsible adults and professionals are left out of the equation

“Pee-Wee’s White House.  Fun while the grown-ups are away.”
Image courtesy of http://blackerton.posterous.com/will-pee-wee-obama-stick-it-out.

Responsible parties to the rescue, to clarify for the misinformed, in perpetual state of false enlightenment about health care. 

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White House Repeatedly Spins Critical Economic And Health Care Issues

Deadenders has a clever image up that pretty well summarizes the current mainstream media support of the White House.  Obamaprompters.  As such, the hopey changey hopium has them parroting the portrayal of a panacea in America.  While Rome burns, Nero fiddles. 

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“Teleprompters.  CNN.  Rahm Emanuel.  MSNBC.  Barack Obama.  NBC.  Joe Biden.  NYT.  David Axelrod.” 
Image courtesy of http://deadenders.wordpress.com/2009/06/06/obamaprompters/.

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